Omnivores and vegetarians getting along?

Okay, first before I get too into this blog right here let me just state something. I have recently been finding a lot of videos, articles, all that on how omnivores hate vegetarians and call us stupid. Then there are vegetarians who hate omnivores and say they are killing the planet or whatever the reason for that one is. I don’t know and personally don’t care! This is just my views on the two groups hating one another.

I am not going to say every vegetarian hates omnivores, or every single omnivore hate vegetarians. I certainly don’t hate a person simply just because they enjoy eating meat, that’s their choice not mine. Why should I judge them on that? Now if they were a complete asshole then that would be a totally different topic. But really people, what the hell?

Many of my good friends are omnivores and then don’t care, but support my decision of being a vegetarian. Heck, some people have even told me that guys won’t like dating a vegetarian. Really you shouldn’t put every guy out there in that category because there are still guys out there who will still be supportive. As long as we don’t get too annoying with the whole lifestyle or anything, why should anyone care.

Your life, right? So what’s the big flipping deal.

Also, with some “Christians” who say that vegetarians are dumb because God made animals for us to eat. Where is your proof? Oh that’s right…YOU DON’T HAVE ANY LOGICAL PROOF! The Bible won’t give you an exact answer because it was written by MAN not GOD! God created the guy who decided one day to write the Bible. God, himself did not do such a thing. It’s like homosexuals, God doesn’t care how a person spends their life because he loves us all EQUALLY! So before you shove your beliefs down our throats try and process that in through your heads. Just don’t hurt yourself.

This is just something I needed to get out and share with everyone here. Omnivores chose their lifestyles, vegetarians chose theirs…so just get along already! It shouldn’t be a big deal what we are anyway.


About veggierunner94

I am an active runner and living off a vegetarian lifestyle. My blog is to tell people how I live off being a vegetarian athlete and tell people how they can safely adapt to becoming a vegetarian. Or to those who are just interested in learning more about vegetarians, this site is something worth reading then.
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