My fitness journey







See that girl on the left of your screen? Yep, that is me looking happy, healthy, and perfectly fit. However, I was not always that way. Growing up I had a decently average metabolism. Not too high and was never slow. The best way I can explain how mine worked was that I was able to gain weight, but it literally takes me over an entire year or so to do just that. Most people can put on the weight straight away, others can just simply never gain, me…I have always been in the middle. Maybe its genetics or the fact that I use to be a basketball player since I was six years old. Either way, that’s just how my metabolism has always been.

Even though I was pretty much ALWAYS active as a child, I kind of grew up and you could say…let myself go once I hit middle school.


This was me in middle school. Not too much weight was put on but definitely enough for me to notice.

Personally, I hated how I looked. Despised it so much to the point where I began to judge myself off other girls. Telling myself I was never good enough, never attractive. I always put myself down, so food was my only escape for me and I just kept eating.

Until I finally reached my third year of high school and I figured I will push myself to lose the weight. So I began to eat healthier, got a membership at the local gym by my house and started there. It took a while but the weight began to come off and I felt so much better.

My workout in the beginning to lose the weight consisted of walking on the treadmill, biking, and doing little intervals for two to three miles.


I never knew in my lifetime I would become a runner. But this has become a part of who I am and I love it so much, literally cannot explain how great this sport makes me feels.

That picture right here to your left now is my first 5K run and I got placed third as well. It was probably the best day I could ever ask for! My next goal in life is to one day run the Boston marathon, or any marathon really. Whatever marathon, half-marathon, or any race I do end up in next will be an incredible experience for me. I don’t join these races to get awards. I have chosen to do these races as a way to prove to myself that I am capable of achieving my goals and become the best runner that I can be! I don’t compete with anyone when it comes to running, just myself, and feel anyone else should do the same. Just go at your own pace and enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy it then you won’t achieve your goals…especially if you are someone trying to lose weight. Do an exercise that you love! Whether it’s a sport, dancing, running, walking, yoga, whatever it is that you enjoy! Don’t do something because you just want to lose the weight. Also remember to have fun with it.


About veggierunner94

I am an active runner and living off a vegetarian lifestyle. My blog is to tell people how I live off being a vegetarian athlete and tell people how they can safely adapt to becoming a vegetarian. Or to those who are just interested in learning more about vegetarians, this site is something worth reading then.
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